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Natural Hair Care Products

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Natural Hair Care Products

Our hair products are made with our natural oils and butters. They are 100% natural and does not contain any preservative. Most of them are made with Raw Shea Butter whipped with the most perfect blends of natural oil. Our Honeylicious is the favorite product and it is made with whipped Shea Butter and Raw Honey.

Shea Bubble Cream

Shea Coco

Vanilla Swirly Kids


CocoLimon Leave In

AnaLuisa Leave In

Fabulous Plus | Hair Growth Serum

Flaxy Gel | Curls Definition

Bentolicious | Detox Treatment


ChocoMint CoWash

HoneyCoco DeepCO


Natural Skin Care Products

Our skin care products are 100% natural homemade and handmade products. They are made with our all natural butters and oils.

AnaLuisa | Jasmin & Citrus Blend

Feliciana | Orange & Rose Blend

CocoLimon | Coco & Lemongrass Blend

Delisia | Honey & Lemongrass Blend

Antonio | Designed for Men


Honey Collection




Massage oils

Candle Massagess

Skin Clear

Long Fab Lashes


Natural Kids Care Products

Our Natural Kids Care line contain all natural products for kids of all ages. 

Vanilla Swirly Kids

Melted Cotton Candy Lotion

Candy Bar Soap

Chocolate Chip Scrub 


Natural Soaps

All of our soaps (except the African Black Soaps) are handmade and are detergent free soaps. This makes them very gentle and safe for our skin. Our African Black Soap is made in Africa.

Honey Soap

Soft African Black Soap

Hard African Black Soap


Special Soaps


Natural Oils

We also have a variety of all natural oils and Essential oils. These are also used in many of our homemade products.

Castor oil

Coconut oil

Sweet Almond oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Argan oil

Jojoba oil

Avocado oil

Grape Seed oil

Babassu oil

Hazelnut oil

Palm oil

Rice Bran oil

Sesame oil

Rosehip oil

Vitamin E oil

Tea Tree Essential oil

Peppermint  Essential oil

Ylang Ylang  Essential oil

Lemongrass  Essential oil

Eucalyptus  Essential oil

Rosemary  Essential oil

Lavender  Essential oil

Cinnamon  Essential oil

Orange  Essential oil

Ginger Root  Essential oil

Mandarin  Essential oil

Rose  Essential oil


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